Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grub with the Wong(s)

Met up with another Wong Family 2 weeks back for Brunch at Grub which is located at Bishan park!
Finally able to let the kids mix around months after the little babes had their photoshoot in April. 
Anyway there was a total of 6 Wong(s) and a Wu who turned Mrs Wong. Hahaha.

 Wanted the girls to take a picture on the bridge but my little pincess had her sudden fit of princess temper and stomped off refusing any shots. Only Alyssa was being super cooperative when it comes to taking pictures! 

 The Wong Family.

 And my Wong family. Haha yes two Wong families on an outing!

I kinda dislike that I have the same surname with Hubby cos people will think Clovine has my surname if they don't know about hubby's.
So... people will always judge and assume that I'm young and not married.
Have seen so many judgy people ever since I got preg and they just give you those eyes when they see you with a kid or a big tummy.
But well I'm proud to say we're doing so much better than what people say we would be when we decided to keep Clovine. 

Back to our Brunch at Grub!

 Yixian's Breakfast set.

 The burger that the rest of us ordered each.
Really love the presentations of it but the beef was a little overcooked and dry.
I seriously think I'm starting to be influenced by hubby's high expectations of food thanks to his zi ye bing lor.

 Finally get to try they Churros!!!
Love it! Definitely makes me wanna go search for more yummy Churros! 

Didi was my entertainment of the day because he is just so funny!!! 
He just can't leave his mouth empty so he kept stuffing food in his mouth and he's totally okay with any food as long as he can stuff it in! Lol...
No matter what he's doing, he has this expressionless face ON and I find it super funny and cute!
He managed to also find a place next to me and finished the tomato/chili sauce and fries!
Lol sibei funny cos he can just sit there quietly and keep stuffing and stuffing!
Believe it or not he's the same weight as his 4 years old sister and he's only like 20 months!
Even heavier than Clovine!!!

 Other than his cute expressionless face, I'm also so in love with his eyes!!! 
So huge, round and the long eyelashes!!!
Gosh I want a son too and I hope he has my eyes and not Hubby's hidden double eyelids!

I think this brunch is one of the most relaxing one with the kids because they were all so well behaved even without any Ipad entertainment! 

Yixian brought bubbles for the kids to enjoy after meal.

 The very rare times you'll see didi show a different expression other than the expressionless face! 

The two siblings were busy enjoying bubbles while Clovine just has no interest in it because she has more interest hunting for squirrels and spending time with her boyfriend...

3 kids increases the level of photography skill.

 The boyfriend and the girlfriend. I need a boyfriend too :((((

While bringing the kids for their nature walk, this clovine with very sharp eyes suddenly spotted an 'eye' on the tree! Omg I swear it totally looked like an eye and it was kinda creepy but the kids just couldn't stop laughing at the tree having 'eyes'. This started the search for more 'eyes' around the park and the girls just couldn't stop giggling at it. Seriously....

 The kids looking for eyes on the tree. 

 "Knock knock who's there?" LOLLOL. Didi why you so cute one?

See what I mean by didi having this expressionless face in like no matter what he does? Haha.

Ending the post with a picture of the Wong(s)!
Soooooooooo looking forward to more Wong outings in future!