Monday, October 27, 2014

USS: Halloween Horrors Night 4

It's been years since I last participated in any of the Halloween activities. Still remembered the first and the last one was in 2009 at Sentosa with the clique!

Missing all the fun we had. It's scary how this short 5 years has changed everyone.

Anyway, was telling Hubby that we should experience something scary for Halloween this year after seeing the posters for HHN4 at RWS last month! Just nice Hubby's colleagues also wanted to go so we decided to go as group since it'll definitely be more fun!

5 October 2014,

Left Clovine with my parents and met up with Hubby's colleagues that evening before getting our tickets at USS! Reached around 7pm and the queue for the tickets wasn't long. 
Managed to get our tickets at student price because one of Hubby's trainee has a student pass! Fyi, a student pass can get up to 6 discounted tickets at $50 each! Topped up an extra $60 for the express ticket that night so our total cost for a ticket was $110. 

First stop was the theater show, "Jack's Nightmare Circus"!

Though the show might appear sick or crazy to some people, I personally think it was damn exciting and I was totally engrossed in it!
I really enjoyed the show with all the breathtaking stunts by the bravo actors!

 Pictures with the Ministry of Evil anyone?
All the rides were damn empty that night because majority of them were queuing for the Haunted houses! So we took our chance and went for most of the rides! We didn't even need to use our express pass to get to the rides fast! Lol.
Best part is there is no sun so queuing and exploring was a total breeze!
Hubby and I also took this chance to go for rides which we've never been to even though this is our third time to USS! Thanks to Clovine who is always stopping us from going for rides because she'll suddenly back out! And also thanks to Hubby who is totally afraid of heights and scary rides so this time I get to go on the rides with Hubby's colleagues! Why Hubby so old and boring one? I think most of the kampong kia scared of heights one lor.

Scared Zones & Haunted Houses
After the show we started our scare journey by walking towards the Madagascare side so in order for us to get to the Haunted houses, we had to pass by the "Scary Tales" Scare zone.

First haunted house we went was The LAB and it was my last also because I'm a scaredy cat! At least I conquered 1 out of 4 Haunted House by letting Hubby lead me in the dark with my eyes shut! LOL.
Yes I decided it was too much on my faint heart after two turns in the house so I shut my eyes till we're out!
By the way we didn't even need to queue for it since we purchased the Express pass so we manged to skip that very long queue which has a waiting time of an hour to get in! I know right cos I totally wasted my express pass because I only visited one house! HAHAHAH!

The "creatures" will scare you at the scare zones by jumping out from corners or even nowhere because they are hidden damn well!
So there's a total of 4 scare zones and I manage to conquer 3 only because the last one called "bogeyman" was something like a haunted house and not open space! 
Anyway I did my research on how scary each attraction will be before I went so hahaha I ended up being a coward there lol! 

Realized that I didn't take much pictures of the scare zones or haunted house only after I got home! Why? Because it was just too scary and I was busy keeping vigilant on all the sudden "creatures" jumping out! 
They also spammed lots of smoke at the scare zones so much that you can't even see your way and high chances that the "creatures" will just sneak up on you or you'll just bump into them! 
Too smokey till my contact lenses started giving me problems! Wanted to take pictures of the creatures but the other creature just keep sneaking up on you when you're fully focused on your camera on how to take a perfect picture! Damn. 

This is how the New York square looks like now after being invaded by zombies and demons! 
Well I've always thought I would be able to survive if there was a sudden zombie apocalypse since we've "learnt" so much from those zombie shows and thought how cool it was.
But after seeing it in life of how the city could change into something like that with all the zombies walking around, it freaks me out even knowing that they are not real!!! Omg and we would be the first to die in Singapore if there's one since we don't have guns or weapons like The walking dead or Resident Evil. Shit. 

Spot one of the zombies on the ground and I must say he looks more he has fell down. Lol. 
They're like crawling around and trying to reach out to people! Ewwww. 

Picture taken from Clovine's 3rd birthday USS trip here.
Can you see what a big difference it is when USS was erm normal and not infested with zombies and demons?
So scary right?! Can totally see how much effort USS has put into making HHN4 a huge success making the tickets worth it just by seeing the different atmosphere they created for different events.

This is one of the scare zones where you'll meet your fears with all the closets and cupboards in it! 
We girls decided to skip this because well I don't wanna get insomnia all night because I'm afraid something will jump out from my closet. 

Here's another live show called the demonic something and it's another thrilling one! Makes your adrenaline rush just by watching them do the stunts!
Hanging from the top and then seining here and there do stunts and somersaults. 

This is actually more trilling than the one on stage because their are like on a swing and swinging 360 degrees!!! Makes me wanna puke just by looking at them swing. Makes you wonder how on earth are they able to withstand the giddiness?!

With Hubby's colleague's girlfriend which I've yet to know the name even though we hit it off really well while the guys explore the haunted houses. Lol. 
Thoughout the trip we were the only ones shouting while the guys laugh it off or kept giving the you're not scary zzzzz kinda face at the creatures. They totally no emotions! 

With the annoying hubby who always cannot take a normal picture with me. 
Think he's trying to blend into the creatures by enlarging his eyes and nostrils. Not cute, not scary~ LOL. 

Ending the adventure with a group picture! Wanted a better picture but this hubby keep reject! 
Irritating only. 

Even though I was scared to death like throughout the park and also did not visit all attractions, I would still love to visit the park if they were to have another Halloween Horror Nights! Cos its just 太刺激了!
Must try at least once!!!