Thursday, November 6, 2014

Eat, Play, Love

2 November 2014.

Introducing the 3 monsters of the day.

Met with The Wong(s) again for EatPlayLove for some crafts and a "relaxing" Sunday which turned out to be not so relaxing as long as the 3 monsters are together! Lol.

Activity area for kids while adults enjoy their meals or maybe not.

Fat face. Hubby might just ignore me for days if he sees this! Lol.

Corner and ideas for Shrink art! Love their idea and concept of crafts in a cafe!

Was telling Yixian how similar Clovine and didi are because they're both super cheeky and always doing weird things. She's always saying how didi is a monster ausnd how scary he is but to us we just feel he's normal because we're dealing with a monster too which is Clovine. Lol guess Yixian is too used to her gentle and quiet Alyssa since both her kids are like total opposites.

Didi is just too funny!!!
Another interesting character other than our Clovine. Lol.

Told you.

Yixian says their fries are crispy.

Hubby's fried rice with chicken that tastes like the one's from CP.

The girls had kids meal macaroni that also comes with drinks.
The drinks served looks like they have already been left out for some time because the ice had already melted and the drinks were not even chilled.

My mac and cheese which I love how melted and toasted it is!

Time for crafts after filling our tummy! After looking through the variety of crafts available, decided on the shrink paper crafts which is more suitable for the impatient girls especially Clovine who has the least attention span. Also its the easiest which involves us tracing pictures and them colouring not forgetting its also the cheapest at $5 per paper inclusive of usage of colouring pens and oven!
Cheapest for them to give up halfway! Hahahaha.

Ended up being a Mummy's craft when the girls got bored or we just couldn't stand how they were ruining the picture with their inconsistent colouring. Lol.

Why so cute must pout when colouring one? 
That's a dinosaur I drew in the cutest version just for her.
Always asking me to draw this and that so thank god I'm good at creating cuter versions of scary creatures like Dinosaurs, lizards, dragons etc. 

A piece of shrink paper lets you create a few designs! Once you're done, cut it out, punch a hole if you're intending to make a charm and then bake it!
So cool right!!!!

Could only have time to cut out these two and bake it because we were so over time! 
This just shows that simple things can turn complicated as long as it involves kids. Lol.

Deciding on what to make was also a chore because the girls were so fickle minded! 
Suddenly its necklace they want and a minute later its bracelet or keychain -.-

Ended up deciding on a bracelet for them! Added on $5 for one.
Managed to get them to pose showing their bracelets as it's really hard for Clovine to agree on a picture!

Clovine looks so grown up here and is giving the face Hubby always gives to "fu yan wo" when I need a picture of him! Why oh why did she have to inherit this from him?!

Here's Alyssa with her bracelet!
The girls are all so grown in an blink of an eye!

Though the food wasn't the best but would definitely love to visit again with my girlfriends next time to try they amazing looking desserts and do more crafts! 
A very good place just for girlfriends to catch up all day!


28 Aliwal Street #01-07 

Singapore 199918
Aliwal Arts Center

12pm to 10pm Daily
Closed on Tuesdays
Kitchen closes 3pm to 6pm, except weekends and PH