Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Farm Hopping Day

25 January 2015,

Following my dad to places was what I used to do when I was young. As my dad is a nature loving kampong guy, we always end up at places like farms, reservoirs and fishing ponds.
Growing this way has also made me a nature lover and allowed me to learn lots of things which totally grew my interest in science when I was in primary school.

Being brought like this also makes me want to bring up my children in the same way. More outdoor learning and less books is what I want to achieve in order to add more fun to their already stress childhood thanks to our stressed up education system. Books obviously aren't as interesting as outdoors right?

Last weekend we went on a farm hopping trip just for Clovine!

First stop,

Jurong Frog Farm!

 Still remember when I last visited many years ago, it was so much more lively but now its just so empty. There were lesser frogs, lesser crowd which really wasn't how I remembered it to be.

 Walked through one round in the frog farm trying to explain to Clovine how her favourite frogs turn from tadpoles to frogs but she was just so bothered by the flies there!
By the reptiles and amphibians are her favourites.

 I think this dog is more interesting than the frogs cause it's so cute with a hyena hair cut! 

 These are fried frogs not fried chicken.
$10 per plate.

 Still remember how I was duped into eating the fried frogs when someone told me it was chicken wing. Thinking back I was kinda stupid to believe they serve chicken wings in a frog farm!

 Not sure if she knows its her fave frogs but she's really enjoying every piece of it! Lol.

After turning round and round looking for the next farm, we ended up at a jetty!

Just nice there were people throwing 

Hay Dairies, Goat Farm

Here's where you'll see all the goats and you'll even be able to go on a tour so see how milking is done. You'll also be able to get fresh goat milk from here which we didn't because we're not a fan of it.


Farmart Centre

Farmers used to be a thriving place which is always crowded on weekends with many pets stores and interesting stalls to see. Now many of the stalls were closed and it wasn't as crowded anymore.

The only fun thing left to do here is the animal farm which the kids would get their chance to feed pet animals and even goats! Of course you have to pay for the food in order to feed the animals.

$5 for a basket of combo food to feed all types of animals.

The kampong kids. One is a fake another has potential to be one. Lol

Qian Hu Fish Farm

Final stop for our farm day was Qian Hu Fish farm! Out of all farms I think we enjoyed this the most as it has many interesting species of the aquarium animals and also there were more activities for the young ones to do.

The kids will be able to see different types of fishes and there's even a activity area where they can feed the fishes and catch long kang fish while the parents can relax at fish foot spa!

Obviously Clovine enjoys feeding the fish the most! 

Jurong Frog Farm 
56 Lim Chu Kang, Lane 6
Singapore 718864 
Hay Dairies 
3 Lim Chu Kang, Agrotech park Lane 4
Singapore 718859 
Farmart Centre 
67 Sungei Tengah Road
Singapore 699008
(Shuttle service available from Chua Chu Kang MRT Station) 
Qian Hu Fish Farm 
71, Jalan Lekar Sungei Tengah
Singapore 698950

Fyi, it would be more convenient to drive as the farms aren't exactly walking distance even though it's near each other.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Clovine's 4th Birthday: Staycation @ RWS Equarius Hotel

31 November 2014, Sunday

Gonna take a break from my travelling posts and share about something more recent from last December.

Every year on Clovine's birthday we would plan something special for Clovine to do as a family and this year was no exception. Celebrated a day earlier since her birthday falls on a Monday this year.

Started off the day with sun, sand and sea at Sentosa. Clovine was of course excited while the daddy was not since he's not a fan of the sun and hot weather. 

I seriously think this is the first time Hubby has ever tried building a sand castle cause they don't know its a must to mix the sand with water!

HAHAHA the angry bird.

It's obvious Clovine loves the Sun and the sand because she lying and crawling around getting sand all over her body!

 Clovine really can pull off the huge Sunglasses look! 

My little sweetie who isn't really that sweet with her weird reptile collecting hobby.

Equarius Hotel

Managed to book a room on Agoda that costs $303 which is quite cheap despite booking it a week before!

Checking in at Equarius hotel was a breeze because the reception staffs were really friendly and patient!

Managed to get a free upgrade after asking for it! Just need to be nice during check in and I'm sure if there's available rooms they wouldn't reject.
Didn't know what room we'll be having as the lady only told me it would be a surprise when we open the door! 

 It definitely was a huge surprise for us because the room was huge and the garden was a super extra bonus instead of a small balcony we were supposed to have in our deluxe room!

The room is really big enough for a comfy living area!

Check out the huge garden balcony we have!
Clovine and I literally went crazy when we went it!!! 

We were also lucky enough to get the view facing the Adventure cove with Cable care hanging about us! 
They also have another side which has a view facing the forested area which is more serene.

 See through window from the room into the bathroom! 
No more bathroom jitters as I always have to request for Hubby to sit in with me while I bathe.
Hotel toilets are the scariest but not this!

Enjoying the bed. Like what her daddy always says "ni bi papa hao ming ah" Lol.

While us girls were enjoying the garden and exploring, this daddy was immediately glued to the speaker provided in the room. Guys.....

If the room and the garden already got you impressed, here's the toilet that's gonna make you go "WOWWWW!"

Two basins to prevent couples from fighting over it and best for girlfriends staycation!

Other than a bathtub in it, there's even a separate shower and toilet area!
Damn huge! 

Even the bathtub is bigger than the normal hotel ones!

The king and his spoiled princess.

Candylicious is not only a kids heaven because its also one of my favourite shops! Since its her birthday, I let the little princess indulge in some of her favourite by letting her choose her own!
Isn't it cute that Candylicious also has mini trolley for the mini shoppers? 

She keeps going round and round the shop just to look for something she really wants very seriously.
Lol can sense shopaholic genes in her already. Ooops.

Requested for a complimentary cake from Equarius hotel when I was making my booking on Agoda.
So glad it wasn't forgotten since they did not mention anything when checking in.
Came back to this surprise on the table and they even provided a candle and a fruit basket which Clovine finished up as fruits are her fave! 

Soaking in the bathtub again immediately after we entered the room! Now we ever we say about hotels or travels she'll immediately say "then got bathtub?".
Was telling hubby we should have a tub in our new home too so it'll save us the trouble of chasing her to bathe and she'll probably rush home after school next time just to soak in the bathtub. Lol!

1 December 2014, 

Very glad we were able to wake up early so that we could make use of the hotel's facilities, the pool, because its just so awesome!

The pool is really huge. This is the beach villa and it shares the pool which is just outside the villa!
They even have their own private jacuzzi! 

Pardon his sleepyhead because I had to drag him up from bed!

The garden in our room is actually connected to the next! 

With such beautiful garden balcony it would be a waste if we didn't camwhore right? 

 Cheeky Clovine!

With the husband!

Portrait with my Yellow(s) Family with a really nice background.

After checking out, went for our lunch and gave the birthday babies their birthday treat at Din Tai Fung!
Always having unglam moments together. Hahaha.

Nic + Love = Clovine :)

Still feel that Taiwan's Din tai fung is the best because the fried rice just doesn't taste as good at Taiwan's! 
Not saying the Sg outlets weren't good but once you've tried Taiwan's, the taste is just unforgettable!

 Getting really good with her scooting skills that we cannot even chase after her if we're not on the motorised scooter! Don't see her always "gu niang gu niang" but when she scoots its damn fast one!

Really had an awesome time at RWS again and even after a few stays there, I still can't wait to head back there for another staycation! Aiming for the Ocean suite at the Equarius the next time! Hehehehe.

So if you're looking for a really relaxing place and stay at Sentosa, you definitely have to experience it at Equarius Hotel, RWS! They have so many special rooms such as the Beach Villa, Deluxe rooms with a garden balcony/private linking pool and of course the famous Ocean suite!!! Definitely looking forward to experience all the awesome rooms soon!