Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 2: 清境农场, 紙箱王, 小瑞士花園

7 July 2014,

Day 2 of the trip was what I anticipated most about the trip! The place where many tourists were raving about the beauty of the greenery and of course, the sheep! Yes we headed to 清境农场 Cingjing Farm which is located in 台中Tai Chung on the second day and stayed there for a night at Misty Villa Minsu!

Getting there
Taking High speed Rail is not the cheapest way getting there but its the fastest from Taipei to Taichung station. Reached Taichung Station and took a bus from there straight to Cingjing just below our Minsu! Journey from Taichung takes around 2 hours. Total journey there is around 3 hours which takes so much lesser time than taking a bus straight from Taipei which could take up to 6 hours! Definitely not the best way to travel with a kid.

High Speed Rail Ticket price: Adult NT700 (55mins)Bus ticket: Around NTD200 plus if I did not remember wrongly. (2+ hours)

 While waiting to board the Train with her new Dinosaur possession which she "teh-ed" the dad for the day before. "Teh-ing" works all the time unless the monster mummy highly stops it. Lol.

 Huge crowd but the Rail train was damn long so no crowd in the train!
Need to walk quite awhile from one end of the train to another!

 Reach Taichung in like 50 mins only! The train was travelling at like 200km/hr! 

Misty Villa
After an uphill walk and flights of stairs, we finally reached the lobby where we checked in and was greeted by the very friendly owner where she also gave a us a brief introduction of Cingjing and arranged with us how we gonna go back Taipei the next day. The very nice owner gave us 2 free Swiss Garden tickets too!
Gosh its was like 3 long flights of steps from the lobby before reaching our building with another 3 floors of steps up to our room.
Thanks to the "geh-kiang" me for wanting the best view without thinking about how high we gotta climb! 
Thankfully they do have the service of bringing up our luggage if I not I cannot imagine how we gonna lug our luggage up all the steps!

Room type: Standard room(3F) 觀景雅緻雙人房 Cost per night: NT2400 inclusive of breakfast (Monday)

 Very Pink and romantic room for couples! Lucky Hubby didn't freak out at the Hot Pink room!
Read a review on this while planning for the trip that 2 men actually got this room when they booked the standard room without expecting this sweet room. LOL.

 First thing the duo always does when entering rooms, lie on the bed!

 View from the balcony! Waking up to this is shiokness!
Anyway there's no aircon for our room and windows are with mosquito nets. But no worries because its really cooling up here in the mountains even when its summer!
Air-con weather is the best!

 Another Minsu which we can see from the balcony which is higher up so expect lots of climbing!

A must try when you go to Cingjing, their peaches!!! 
It's huge and amazingly sweet!!!
Clovine love those and she could finish a big one all by herself! 
Costs around $8 for the huge ones but trust me it's totally worth it.

Carton King Creativity Park/ Restaurant
One of the benefits of staying at Misty Villa is that its only a few minutes walk to the visitors centre where all the food, convenience stores and shops are! Only if you're not staying too high up like me.
Had lunch over at the must try restaurant there, Carton King Restaurant!
It's a theme restaurant featuring Cartons! Yes, it means they use Cartons for everything in the restaurant! From chairs, tables to even cup holders! Only thing is you don't get to eat cartons hahaha.

 Good food and special ambience makes it a must visit here!

 The outdoors of the restaurant has even better view with crafts made from paper!

Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園
This place was actually not on my must go list in my planned itinerary but since we have free time and free tickets, we decided to just give it a visit which is also next to the Carton King.
Really glad we didn't miss out this place because it was so beautiful! Managed to take lots of amazing photos here with my Canon Eos and so glad I decided to get it before our trip!
Great lighting, great scenery and great weather!

 I don't know why but I just love seeing ducks in ponds and not just a plain dead boring pond.

 One of the amazing photo I took was this! Love this so much that I actually made this as the cover of a photobook I did for our trip!

Lavender shop that sells all the lavender products and the lavender products are all grown there!
Makes great souvenir too!

 We also get to make our own lavender scented pouches! 
NT50 for one we made quite a few just because it's so cute and fun! 

 So easy even Clovine loves making it!

 During summer time, it's also Cingjing's Windmill festival so we get to see windmills

 Selfies mostly taken with my Casio Zr1200!

Other than spamming photos in Swiss garden, another thing to do is feed the fishes and ducks!
You can get the food from the sheep dispenser at like NT10 only!

 Fyi we bought more than that because Clovine couldn't have enough of feeding!

 Beautiful place right?

 Sorry but I had to stop the fun just to have a picture with them!

 I finally saw a real Dandelion and not the fake ones that we have in SG which no matter how you blow it will not disperse its seeds.

Great to see her having fun!

 The power of DSLR!

Family guy zui shuai!

Travel tips at Cingjing

  • Avoid planing activities for the night as it gets really dark at night and there's really nothing much to do at night. 
  • Before the day gets dark, get as much takeaways such as drinks or snacks before heading back to your room as you would be too lazy to climb all the way down again to get stuffs plus its extremely dark with insects flying around!
  • If weather is good when you arrive in the noon, use the opportunity to go Green green grassland first and not wait till the next day. Don't blindly follow your itinerary like me because green green grassland is the main reason why you want to visit Cingjing!
  • Plan your itinerary and make it flexible for your Cingjing trip as weather can suddenly go rainy and you'll be covered in mist.Shall elaborate more on this in the next post about Green green Grassland!