Thursday, March 26, 2015

Swimming Lessons

First Swimming Lesson

Clovine went for her first swimming lesson on 8 March together with Alyssa!
It all started when Yi Xian asked me if I'm interested to let Clovine join Alyssa for swimming lesson months ago with a private swimming instructor.

Things learnt: Blowing bubbles, wearing goggles, water kicking

Before lesson started, the kids were chilling by the pool.

Always a good time and place for this cheeky to be cheeky.

Coach came and lesson started together with another 2 kids who belong to Yixian's friends. Ansel didi was damn enthusiastic to join the class even though he's not in the class! He kept wanting to sit close to the class and wouldn't want to leave. 
Even listened to the coach attentively and did what the class was told. Haha it was damn adorable.

Ansel didi feeling a little out and decided to just chill and get emotional. Lol.

 Didi excitedly joins in the class and blends in very well.

 While learning water kicking, didi just conveniently lies his head on the steps and we couldn't stop laughing because it looks like he's cheeks were too heavy!!! 

 The kids totally enjoyed water kicking!

After class, went for lunch at Ichiban together at Causeway point with an intention of looking for a new thermal swim suit for our girls because the pool shaded and the we were worried after seeing them shivering in the water especially Clovine. Instead of getting a thermal one in the beginning, we got them long sleeves top instead as we were more concerned of them getting tanned!
Didn't expect the condo pool to be so shaded away from the sun we occasional winds which made my poor girl shiver non stop.

Despite the shivering, glad the girls still enjoyed their lesson and can't wait meet again next week!
Thankfully there were no tantrums from them or any sudden quarrels between them as Alyssa and Clovine kinda hit it off. 

Love that Alyssa is always camera ready but obviously I can't say the same for Clovine -.-

 Sorry Yixian because my daughter is one cheeky girl and she just can't wait to influence everyone with it. Lol.

Went searching for a swimsuit after meal and check out this picture I took of Hubby with the two kids!!! Extremely love it because it's so fatherly and well it seems like he'll be able to handle another kid right?! So yay I'll still be able to dump another kid on him when we have another in future! Hahaha.
Carrying both kids is the best way to train his muscles! Btw can you believe that didi is heavier than Clovine now even though he's only 2 years old?!

Second Swimming Lesson

Clovine wore her thermal swimsuit to class which totally helped with the shivering a lot. Chanced upon the swimsuit in a swim shop at paragon which is retailed at a more reasonable price compared to a professional swim gear shop for the same brand!

Things learnt: Hand placement, one second under water, more bubbles blowing

 Clovine very fascinated with wearing goggles even though she still have not gotten used to opening her eyes properly when wearing it. Lol.

During this lesson, all the kids get to try out blowing bubbles fully under the water for just one second. Of course Clovine didn't ace off on the first try because she forgotten about not swallowing water and got choke a little. Hopefully she'll do better the next lesson and not develop fear of it.

Looking forward to Sunday for her third lesson. Didn't allow her to attend last sunday's lesson as she's down with fever bug. Hopefully she'll catch up and be excited for lesson!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hubby's 25th Birthday

14 December 2014,

Advanced birthday dinner treat for Hubby at House of Seafood, Punggol Settlement!
It's only our second time there but it's already one of my favourite place for dinner as the food is good and the place is relaxingly located by the seaside!  

Can't wait to move to Punggol, hopefully by this year end, because I'm already very in love with this isolated area of Singapore. The nature, eco concepts of Punggol is just my thing.

Forever Daddy's sweet little girl. Can't deny they do have a very very special attraction.

 My still very loving parents.

Food at House of Seafood is really awesome and I really love the ambience there where you could sit outside and dine by the sea.

 Super love their creamy butter prawns. The sauce is amazingly addictive. 

How can we miss out some of Clovine's cheekiness halfway through dinner?

Salted egg crab this time which is a little too dry for my liking. Still prefer the Chili Crab we tried the first time we were here. That Chili crab is must try one!

Some very rare good shots taken by Hubby. Well at least I think he's photography skills is improving except that he still like spam clicking the shot button. Damn irritating.

Mega love for this maxi from Twenty3.

The scooter duos. Don't look down on that petite little girl because when she scoots, it's damn fast and she can go on for quite a long time without stopping! Energy level is incredible one.
Without the electric scooter's help, we won't even be able to keep up with her!

 Our little family of 3.

15 December 2014,
(Hubby's actual birthday)

Hubby that workaholic of course would not take leave on his birthday so I specially went all the way to Tanjong Pagar to meet him for lunch and also to get him his birthday gift. 

 Ramen for lunch @ Ikkousha Hakata Ramen 
*Slurps* Because it was damn good and satifying.

 The present I got him this year was by far the most meaningful yet dangerous present I've ever bought. It's a gift which he could use everyday and be reminded of me. Lol.
Most meaningful present because it's a reminder of telling him how proud I am of all of his achievements he's made thus far. Which I hope with this it's will help him achieve even more and move closer to his dreams.
So this is something which I would seldom say to him so can I only show by actions. Haha.

This year was a Frozen filled year thanks to our little Frozen siao fan girl. Everything she would request for it to be Frozen so of course she requested a Frozen cake for her Daddy.
Trust me that when she says something, you better do it because she has extremely good memory and she won't stop pestering you until you get it. Of course if you didn't promise her anything or rejected her idea she would just let it go, but if you did gave your consent, you better do it.
Extreme pestering + Extreme good memory is a boyfriend's nightmare! 

You promised to get her croissants and you forgotten.

She will go "because mummy forgot my croissants again then now I got nothing to eat/ I very hungry" OR "that time you say you will buy me croissants and you never buy AGAIN" *pouts*
P.S even if you only forgotten once she will say if like it was many times and will start complaining to everyone!

 So, in order to get Hubby or rather Clovine the Frozen cake, I called every Swensen's outlet hoping to find one with a ready made Frozen characters cake.
As I am just too free after lunch with Hubby, I made my way down to Westmall from Tanjong Pagar just to get the cake and back to Yishun.

Paid for the cake which was supposed to be Olaf with other characters without checking and ended up with a Anna only finding out when I got home!
So this baggy girl started her nagging again by saying "Why you never buy olaf for Papa, why only Anna? You see lor now papa don't have olaf cake."

 Honestly I've never seen any father and daughter relationship as close as them. 
Which is kinda sweet and jealous to see because I don't always get the same treatment from both of them! I NEED A SON!

 Blurry but totally shows the joy!

 Happily clearing the candles from the cake and acting like it's her birthday again. Lol.

"I only want to do rabbit face." No smiles for the cam just rabbit faces.
Not sure why she calls pout a rabbit face though.