Monday, March 2, 2015

Clovine's 4th Birthday Celebrations (Grandma's & School)

30 November 2014,

Celebration at my grandma's house after checking in to Equarius Hotel. 
Continuation from Clovine's 4th Birthday Staycation here

 Don't know why Hubby has to give the guai lan face -.-

 Clovine with her fave Yiyi(s)!

 Here's them attempting a funny faces shot and seems like Clovine didn't even need to put in effort because she has cream all over her mouth!
Totally can't wait to dip into the cake already.

 Frozen ice cream cake from Swensens which she has been requesting for.
Any parents sick of their kids major fan addiction to Frozen?!

 Presents which she received a week before her birthday from her Yiyi(s) and grandaunts.
How lucky kids are nowadays.

 Unwrapping sure isn't a problem now!

 Presents unwrapped and it's more Frozen, her fave!!!
I'm feeling thankful for that only non Frozen present, the hello kitty remote car.

 Damn cute!

 Pardon the messy background but just wanna show her enjoying her remote car!

28 November 2014,

Celebration @ school in advance as she did not attend school on her exact day. Always a privilege from daddy every year! So lucky right. 

Huge 3kg cake from begawan solo. 
No idea why the teacher asked me to order such a huge cake until that day they told me its actually our own choice. Seriously... Ended letting the whole school had cakes for tea break.

Super pissed with the school because of a huge communication error between us and the teachers. 

Firstly, it was the cake which we are only supposed to order the size enough for her class which consist of only 18 people? But when we asked the teachers and few of them they all said 3kg! Only on the day itself they say we can order the size of our preference and asked why we order such a huge one!

Secondly, we were only notified that we will not be allowed into the centre a day before the party as there's some chicken pox virus which was going around for weeks! So why didn't anyone told us about it when we told them one month before we were going to bring a cake?! It's so last minute we won't even be able to cancel the order or mend it! Luckily hubby didnt have to rush back from work on the day itself and only find out we can't enter. 

Anyway we were allowed to pass our camera to teacher who will help us take pictures.

Seeing the kids getting all excited gives me a satisfying feel even when there's so much hiccups in between.

 All her classmates enjoying the cake while this little girl is enjoying something else.

An egg tart -.- 

Here's Clovine while giving out the goodie bags to her friends. The teachers also told how excited the kids were to receive their frozen and despicable me goodies bags!

Behind the scenes of preparing the goody bags!

 My little helper who has been pestering me to let her help me pack for a whole week!

But her face ... lol. Maybe it's her serious face.

The bags were gotten from BBjoy Gift shop.
You can check their page out for many more designs available at really affordable prices.

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