Friday, April 24, 2015

Balloons Extravaganza 2015 @ Marina Square

22 March 2015

Went on an adventure last month to visit Clovine's favourite creatures, DINOSAURS!
Every March holiday, Marina Square would hold this Balloon Event which has been going on for 5 years. Be amazed by all the colourful balloon sculptures at this largest balloon landscape in Singapore!

 Poor Clovine was down with conjuncvities but that obviously did not stop her from enjoying.

 Isn't all the balloon sculptures amazing? Love the colours and how detailed they are.

 They really 很有默契的 leh. Every action sure same same one.

 Check out this T-rex which is one of the main exhibit.

No idea how Clovine became a crazy fan of Dinosaurs since she's a girl and when I say crazy it means she has a box full of Dinosaur figurines and she cannot resist getting new ones! 
She's not only a collector of Dinosaurs, she's also a fan of reptiles, insects and amphibians. And yes to her it's the uglier the better even super disgusting ones like silicon lizards to speeding cockroach.
Here's a picture of her with SOME of her collection.

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