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Ipoh 15 - 22 February (CNY)

15 February 2015

Hubby managed to take time off this year so we get to go back to his Kampong for Chinese New Year! I really love going back for CNY because it's so much more festive over there.

This time it took us only 2.5 hours to reach KL even though Hubby did not over speed! So we had time to lunch at 1 Utama Shopping Centre! It's a really huge shopping mall in KL and hopefully we would be able to go for shopping next time. From KL, it was another 2 hours reaching Ipoh which means it took us less than 5 hours as the whole journey was super smooth without jam!
Which is also one of our shortest time journeying back.

Cameron Highlands

Drove our way up to Cameron Highlands on the second day with the intention of enjoying high tea at Boh Tea Plantation. But we didn't know it was closed on Mondays and it was so disappointing! 
Ended up driving round and round looking for a nice place for tea but many were already closed because of the upcoming CNY.

 Mint tea leaves.

After a really long drive in search of a proper tea house, we finally found one which we didn't stay as the food were sold out and all the driving made as super hungry!

The picture did no justice because the sight of the tea plantation was magnificent!

After driving round and round looking for proper food, we ended up settling for Mary Brown.
Lol all the way up Cameron Highlands for Mary Brown really is too free. 

Best food in Mary Brown? Their Nasi Lemak!

When we were about to give up looking for another cafe for High tea and a proper place to pluck strawberries, we chanced upon this place Lavender Garden!
We were very lucky because we managed to find it one hour before their closing time and this is also the newest place to visit! Everything there is so dreamy and beautifully filled with flowers.
They even sell their own natural honey which tastes damn good. Bought 2 bottles of it that costs only Rm 28 per bottle. Regret not buying more because the honey benefitted me like relieve constipation.

All of us were so excited when we saw all these beautiful flowers! 
The place was filled with them!

Hubby and his two sisters.

Pretty daisies in the background!

Daisies, part of the Sunflower family which symbolizes Loyal Love, purity, beauty and patience.
Love them!

You'll also be able to pluck fresh strawberries which are super sweet.


If you're strawberry lover, you'll go crazy here at Cameron because everywhere is filled with strawberry merchandise and they are super cute and cheap!

Ending our Cameron visit with these two cheeky fella.

Restoran Foh San 富山茶楼

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam30300 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

After so many visits to Ipoh, I finally get to have dim sum for breakfast!
Finally because their dim sum places mostly only serve breakfast timing and most of the time we were too late for it!

The dim sums were damn good and had a really satisfying breakfast!
Even though its a restaurant, the dims sums are of really affordable prices.

Everyday Lifeshop (Cafe)
No. 29, Jalan Market [Market street],
30000 Ipoh, Perak

Visited one of the cafes in Ipoh Town during tea time and also to visit Raymond as his working there.
Recently Ipoh Town also has lots and lots of new cafes and all of them has their own unique feel. Even though cafes has been a really popular thing visit among young people nowadays, but for me I'm just neutral don't love nor do I hate.

What's special about this cafe is that you can take a break, sip some coffee and shop at the same time! I seriously love the stuffs sold there especially the deco items which I could bag home 
to prepare my new house later this year!
Even Clovine manage to get something here which are packets of balloons. Lol.

Comfy corner to laze away the afternoon.

A perfect picture of Clovine with Rainbow Uncle and Black Black Uncle!
Nicknames were given by Clovine based on the hair and the skin colour. Lol. 

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner

Managed to capture a really happy photo of the couple. How sweet...

Longevity noodles.

This dish had totally disgusted us with it's bouncy fats and had us screaming OMG.
It's 3 layer of fats how it it a delicacy?! Ewwwww

I'm amazed at Hubby's Grandpa's height and how his Grandma can still look so young despite being at 70+! 

Chinese New Year

It's a tradition here for houses to prepare offerings and wait for the auspicious timing to invite the God of Fortune into the house. It's believed that good luck will stay with the 
family for the rest of the year.

Welcoming the new year with firecrackers! Yes that's the atmosphere I like.

Another thing our family would do is write wishes on the Kong ming lantern!
Basically that's a lot of wishes and look we have a huge family!

Fire works and crackers were seen and heard throughout Chinese New Year!

Picture while waiting for the slow Simon get ready before we head off for Pasar Malam.

Lok Lok, everybody favourites! Best when eaten at Pasar malam's stall!

Love pasar mala trips because we'll always end up with lots of food home!

Ipoh Dai Shu Geok (大树脚)

One of the popular place that many locals would come just for the delicious food served here especially the Assam Laksa with Yong Tau Foo. The crowd this time was crazy since it's Chinese New year period.

Assam Laksa, sweet sweet, sour sour, spicy, spicy. Shiokkkkkk

Love the feel, old and rustic. Lots of such places in Ipoh town. 

Managed to psycho Clovine into taking a series of photos at this very lovely corner.
Just nice she was dress in a tutu which made the pictures even more dreamy.

Ending the post with a picture of my second family taken when we went back last July.
Also accompanied with some of my heartfelt words.

I've always wished for a sibling and was always filled with envy when I see people with huge families. I love how the house would always be lively be it with quarrels or laughters because at least the house would not be filled with loneliness since I'm an only child.

Now that I'm married to Hubby, I've not only gained him, but I've also gain a new huge family which I am really thankful for. It's like a wish come true for me. As time passes,
and our visits back Ipoh increases, my bond with my extended family gets closer and goodbyes were harder whenever we have to leave. 
I really enjoy the times spent with them, from laughing together at jokes to re-watching all the zombie/alien movies to gossiping throughout the night till 5am! The best part was we just can't stop laughing at Hubby who can't seem to stop eating even though he's already very fat. 
All this just proves even more that my wish of having a huge family was right all along and I'm really glad to have found one and accepted me as one of theirs too.

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