Thursday, April 23, 2015

Self-shot Photo Session (Ipoh)

Had a mini photo session during our Ipoh trip back in February.
Well it's a self shot session using my DSLR together with a tripod and it's remote control.
I have been wanting to go on a shoot with Hubby but he's too shy for it so I insist we do a self shot one which turns out quite well I suppose since I'm a beginner at this. Haha.
So I'm still learning how to get better pictures with a DSLR which is a lot to learn.
Just nice there's a huge field right in front of Hubby's home, the very real Kampong located in Ipoh. 

Btw, some were shot by me, some were by Hubby which is obviously not very pro.
But with some editing, it does wonders.

 Especially love this which ended up as my Mac's desktop wallpaper!

Love you.

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