Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

10 May 2015

Had my Salmon cravings satisfied at my favourite Itacho Sushi for lunch. They might not have the best Salmon sushi(s) but I extremely love the melt in the mouth texture it has plus it's super affordable costing as low as $0.40 per piece! How wonderful!

Will never get sick of these!

Mother's Day dinner was with my Dad's family at Taste of Thailand. 
Every year, mother's day dinner is a must for our family because I'm only left with one Grandma whose still super healthy and strong.
We have quite a huge family at my dad's side because my grandma has like 9 kids! Each family took turns to take pictures with my grandma as it would be hard for all of us to fit in one given the limited space even though 2 of my uncles did not turn up.

Big Aunt's family.

3rd and 5th uncle.

2nd Aunt's family.

3rd Aunt's Family.

4th uncle's Family.

Lastly it's our family and my dad is the 2nd in the family.
What's wonderful about this picture it captured 4 generations! By the way, Clovine is currently the only great grandchild my grandma has whereas Hubby's grandma already has like 3 great grandchildren including Clovine! 四代同堂!

Picture with a card Clovine made for me!
I can't believe how fast time has past because it's my fifth year celebrating Mother's Day with them and I'm really thankful to have such wonderful blessings in my life.
Without them I wouldn't have grown to be who I am today and they're all I ever need.

Ending this post with a video of Clovine singing a song she learnt in school dedicated to all mothers!
Happy Mothers' Day to all amazing amazing and wonderful Mothers!

Daddy's Birthday

1 May 2015

Birthday lunch for daddy at Yum Cha Chinatown. Initial plan was to go Red Star for their Dim sums but the queue was like two storeys long and Hubby needs to rush to work after lunch. What a pity because Red Star seems to serve yummier Dim sums as seen on their reviews. 

Cake was once again chosen by our "Frozen siao fan". Ever since I told her about her Grandpa's birthday, she kept reminding us to buy her Gong Gong an Olaf cake cos he's a boy. Lol...
Now the whole family is gonna have another year of birthday with Frozen cakes. gosh when will the Frozen fever ever gonna stop?

When I posted the photos on Facebook, everyone was like blaming the cake for my Dad's unhappy face saying no wonder he can't smile. Lol.
But anyway my dad has always been this grumpy faced for every single photo he took.

We're 老豆心里的两个宝贝! ^^

Every birthday, it will always become like this girl's birthday. Lol guess that happens to families with kids all the time right.

Here's wishing Daddy good health, life full of joy and lots of luck. Always your little girl.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tsukada Nojo 美人锅

16 April 2015

Met up with my crazy girlfriends for the highly recommended Beauty Pot at Plaza Singapura! It's called Beauty Pot because it's filled with collagen goodness which is super good for the skin. Anyway, we queued for around 1 and a half hours in the evening so in order to skip the queue it's better to go early!

Bijin Nabe (Beauty pot) is served per person at $25 ++ with all ingredients included.

Check out these collagen soup stock pudding. In order to get this stock, the chicken are stewed for more than 8 hours till the bones of the chicken are fully dissolved which eventually turns into this pudding. Slowly after heating, the stock turns into soup and the first taste of it is simply HEAVENLY!

Another dish which is my must try is this Onigiri. It's actually rice balls wrapped in bacon but the bacon is so juicy! - $3.50 each

Fried mushrooms topped with egg mayo. Sadly this is a little too oily.

Ingredients for our beauty pot.

Looking at this just makes me wanna dive into another pot of goodness! 

With every pot, there's also noodles which are served only after you've finished your ingredients.

The staffs there are really sweet to served each and every table free jelly with personalised messages. 
We couldn't stop laughing at the "Sister Forever" because its just so schooling days! Hahaha.

Plaza Singapura #03-81
Bijin Nabe, Dinner 5:00PM- 10:00PM (Beauty Pot)
Last Order 9:00PM

Other Outlets: Westgate #03-04, Chinatown Point #02-37

Friday, May 1, 2015

First Pony Ride

12 April 2015

Clovine went on her first Pony ride at City Square Mall few weeks back! She was afraid at first but we managed to persuade her to go on the ride. 
It was a really good deal as we paid only $15 for the package consisting of a pony ride, pony feeding and a photo taking on the horse with a printout!


Clovine enjoyed the ride even though she didn't even dare go for it in the beginning.
After the ride, she kept asking for more!

Hopefully we'll be able to bring her for more animal interactions like these very soon, be it another trip to the zoo or more fungal ranch trips when move by year end!