Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daddy's Birthday

1 May 2015

Birthday lunch for daddy at Yum Cha Chinatown. Initial plan was to go Red Star for their Dim sums but the queue was like two storeys long and Hubby needs to rush to work after lunch. What a pity because Red Star seems to serve yummier Dim sums as seen on their reviews. 

Cake was once again chosen by our "Frozen siao fan". Ever since I told her about her Grandpa's birthday, she kept reminding us to buy her Gong Gong an Olaf cake cos he's a boy. Lol...
Now the whole family is gonna have another year of birthday with Frozen cakes. gosh when will the Frozen fever ever gonna stop?

When I posted the photos on Facebook, everyone was like blaming the cake for my Dad's unhappy face saying no wonder he can't smile. Lol.
But anyway my dad has always been this grumpy faced for every single photo he took.

We're 老豆心里的两个宝贝! ^^

Every birthday, it will always become like this girl's birthday. Lol guess that happens to families with kids all the time right.

Here's wishing Daddy good health, life full of joy and lots of luck. Always your little girl.

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