Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tsukada Nojo 美人锅

16 April 2015

Met up with my crazy girlfriends for the highly recommended Beauty Pot at Plaza Singapura! It's called Beauty Pot because it's filled with collagen goodness which is super good for the skin. Anyway, we queued for around 1 and a half hours in the evening so in order to skip the queue it's better to go early!

Bijin Nabe (Beauty pot) is served per person at $25 ++ with all ingredients included.

Check out these collagen soup stock pudding. In order to get this stock, the chicken are stewed for more than 8 hours till the bones of the chicken are fully dissolved which eventually turns into this pudding. Slowly after heating, the stock turns into soup and the first taste of it is simply HEAVENLY!

Another dish which is my must try is this Onigiri. It's actually rice balls wrapped in bacon but the bacon is so juicy! - $3.50 each

Fried mushrooms topped with egg mayo. Sadly this is a little too oily.

Ingredients for our beauty pot.

Looking at this just makes me wanna dive into another pot of goodness! 

With every pot, there's also noodles which are served only after you've finished your ingredients.

The staffs there are really sweet to served each and every table free jelly with personalised messages. 
We couldn't stop laughing at the "Sister Forever" because its just so schooling days! Hahaha.

Plaza Singapura #03-81
Bijin Nabe, Dinner 5:00PM- 10:00PM (Beauty Pot)
Last Order 9:00PM

Other Outlets: Westgate #03-04, Chinatown Point #02-37

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