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Day 4: Taipei Zoo, 士林夜市

9 July 2014

Taipei Zoo

Day 4's first itinerary was to visit the Taipei zoo! Even though it's not a must go for many but if you're not on a super rush trip, do visit the zoo because it's super huge with many animals to see! It's a really good place to visit for families with kids.

How to get to Taipei Zoo: Take MRT to Taipei Zoo Station

Another reason the Taipei Zoo is worth visiting is how the cheap a ticket costs.
NT $30 for a ticket is only SGD $1.30+ which is super cheap as compared to ours that costs at least $20+ per ticket!

Stroller rental service are also available at NT$50 with a NT$500 deposit.

Going to the zoo in summer really is a suicide trip cos walking through the whole zoo under the big sun that showed no mercy was mad tiring and torture.

Guinea pigs

Alpacas!!!! Finally get to see them in real! 
These are the recently famous Japanese white soft toys which look like sheeps!

Koalas with names are so adorable!

We got to see pandas with really cheap tickets! But too bad the pandas were enclosed in glass exhibits not like the open air ones we see in Singapore so for this I still prefer the exhibits in our zoo.

Out of all the animal exhibits, I love the giraffes the most because I see the giraffe at a super near distance! Fyi, we even get to make eye contact at its eye level as visitors are standing at a higher ground!

There were lots of them too! 

Out of all the exhibits, the amphibian and reptile house is Clovine's favourite and she made as go in at least twice! We also stayed in there the longest with her walking to and fro looking at all her favourite creatures a few times. 
It wasn't a bad idea staying in there since we get to enjoy the air con while she visit her "friends".

Managed to con her daddy into buying another souvenir again. Lol.

At the zoo, you'll also be able to take the Hello kitty cable car at Maokong Station but we skipped that because Hubby was afraid of heights lol.

Overall, I felt the zoo was a really good trip as we get to see lots of exotic animals which we could not see here in Singapore. The animals there were also in better state such as they have nicer fur and they are more active since they have four seasons.
So if you have extra time during your trip to Taipei, why not visit the zoo since it's ticket price is really cheap!


After a long day at the zoo, it was time for some yummy street food at 士林夜市 !
Of all the night markets, we visited in taipei, we love 士林夜市 the most!  It's one of the largest night market in Taiwan where you'll be able to find lots of local delights!

How to get to 士林夜市: Take MRT to Jiantan Station and the Exit 1

When exiting the station, spotted this stall selling some puffs filled with corn cream.
Finally found this after eating it many many years back when I visited Taiwan. Yummy!!!

Packed lots of food back to the hotel. Really is eat and eat and eat in Taiwan!

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