Monday, November 30, 2015

Clovine's 5th Birthday Celebration @ Grandma's

Advanced celebration yesterday for my baby girl who's not so baby anymore as she'll be turning 5 tomorrow!

Time seems to fly past so fast it's still feels like I just blogged about her 4th birthday yesterday. 

This year's cake is from Pine Garden instead of the usual ice cream cake from Swensens.
$100 for the 2 kg cake + $12 for the pony figurines also from Pine Garden. I assume it's considered cheap for a two-tier cake right?

With her favourite Yiyi(s)

Blessed to have them around, my family.

Clovine with her Great Grandma and Yiyi(s)

2 layers, 2 flavours! Vanilla and chocolate. 
Despite so much of cream on the cake, it does not taste as sweet as it looks!

101% best Daddy cut cake cut till hair also got cream. Hahaha.

Clovine was extremely blessed to be receiving so many presents and anypows this year! 
The biggest and happiest present she received was a very generous one, a bicycle from Hubby's boss!  Obviously Clovine was extremely happy because she has been complaining about her old lousy bike which she's had since 1.

Thank you to everyone who's been showering lots of love on her ever since she's born. She's really blessed as a child and I hope she'll really grow up appreciating all the blessings and not taking any for granted. 

It's also not the end of her birthday yet because she's having her cake cutting later on in school and the ever doting Daddy will also be bringing her to Sentosa tomorrow for lots of fun and a Staycation! 
Will be back for more updates and hopefully I won't start neglecting the blog again  :/

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  1. Adorable! Happy birthday to the little one. My daughter’s birthday is also around the corner and I have picked up a nice convention center for the party. I really want her day to be perfect. Therefore, I am planning to add some nice games and activities to the day.