Thursday, December 31, 2015

We're having another baby!

Found out that I was pregnant with Baby No.2 on the 4 August! This news came as a surprise for us since we were only planning for another next year, nevertheless we were still very excited!

Getting pregnant again made me feel like I'm having my first pregnancy since it was like 5 years back when I had Clovine. I had to do my research on the do(s) and don't(s) all over again as I've forgotten most of it!

11August 2015
First scan

Went for my first Ultrasound check at Dr Lawrence Ang's clinic and the scan confirmed that I was pregnant. It was really too early to see anything except for a tiny lump of cells. Anyway it was a super quick visit and I'm advised to go back for another check 2 weeks later.

Scan @ 6/7 weeks
Not sure if the scan is blurry or the Gynae can't be bothered to give me a proper scan.

After the first visit, I actually changed my Gynae to Dr Chen Lin Han @ Chong Pang, whom is more recommended after reading through mummy forums plus it's nearer to our house. Other than the long waiting times despite fixing appointments, Dr Chen is more reassuring and gives more advices like a father which made me more comfortable. He also has a clinic at Mount Alvernia which where I'll also be delivering at.

Pregnancy symptoms

This pregnancy was no fun at all. I had the worst symptoms which I has never experienced when I was having Clovine. The first 4 months was a nightmare with morning sickness, food aversions, major headaches, major mood swings. All the combinations gave me a hard time getting out of bed which I ended up staying home for months even on weekends.

Anyways, so glad most of the symptoms are gone now that I'm already in my 26 weeks which is about 6 and a half months with just 14 weeks to go!

- Morning Sickness and food aversions

Well I guess morning sickness doesn't exactly happens in the morning. Most of the time I feel worst as night falls and dinner became my least favourite which sucks whenever I need to think of what to eat. I could hardly stomach anything without wanting to gag and any food smells makes me want to puke. It was so bad that even plain water tasted disgusting and I got dehydrated and nearly went for drip. Was prescribed the Ondansetron pill which helped a lot with my nausea but it costs a bomb at like 14 bucks a pill!

My favourite foods suddenly became my worst enemy and french fries plus anything potato became my fave. I'm guessing this baby is either gonna starve to eat like a pig when he comes out or he's gonna be one fussy picky eater.

- Weight 

As for weight gain, I gained none and even lost weight! Up till my 5th month, I've only gained like 2-3kg which are mostly on my bump. Comparing to my previous pregnancy, it was a huge difference because I ate like a pig with Clovine and supper was like a need every night which made me gain more than 5kg even before I hit 5 months!

- Mood Swings

Previously I was more carefree with just some anxiousness and I'm mostly just chill skipping around, hanging around.

This time round I can't help but feel stressed out even though there's nothing I'm supposed to be stressed about and was always crying. Crying about almost everything like when hubby ends work late or when he's taking a longer time to shower which I would sit outside the door and cry. Getting all suspicious and worried about hubby cheating on me lol. It's just ridiculous right.

I couldn't stop asking hubby if I was really pregnant in the first weeks because I hardly feel pregnant before all the craziness started. I get extra paranoid and always can't help thinking if baby is gonna be alright. The first few months was so bad it was mostly filled with crying then smiling. I even had like weeks of depressions which had me lose interest in every single thing, even Clovine. Thankfully I had hubby and my family who's always there for me.

The big sister

Clovine has been complaining about not having a sibling when her friends has them for quite some time. She's really excited that she's going to be having a baby brother and can't stop asking when is didi coming out! She's always thinking of toys she wants to share with her brother saying "When didi comes out I want to share my dinosaurs with him" or "I will give didi my toys when he comes out cos I big girl already right?".

Recently, she has also been randomly planting kisses on my bump which is really sweet. Hopefully all these wouldn't end when Clovine finally meets her baby brother if not it'll be another world war full of complaints! Hahahaha...

Scans and Check-ups

Scan @ 8 weeks

Scans @ 13 weeks 4 days

Scan @ 17 weeks 4 days

All the scans and check ups including the oscars test was normal up until my last 5th month detailed scan at 22 weeks.

2 December 2015
5th Month Check up
Dr Chen found out that my baby had this condition called the Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) whereby my baby has only an artery to transfer nutrients and blood from me instead of two arteries like a normal baby. This SUA might affect the growth, weight, kidney and heart of the baby but after checking, Dr Chen assured me that my baby looks fine and there is nothing much I need to worry about. To get more assurance, he also referred me to KK hospital to see Prof. George Yeo for more detailed ultrasound.

I wasn't exactly worried enough to start bombing questions after hearing but once I stepped out of the room, all the worries started to set in and questions keep running through my mind and I kept trying to put a strong face to prevent myself from breaking down in the clinic. Well I managed to keep cool till we stepped into the carpark and broke down. I couldn't stop crying in the car even though Hubby kept reassuring everything will be fine throughout the whole ride home from Mount A.

After calming down, itchy hands me went on google about SUA and the results that came out made my crying tap flow again because it gave me even more things to worry about!!! Anyway, I try not to google and think so much after that which made me feel so much better. Guess google can sometimes be harmful instead of helpful.

Scans @ 22 weeks 1 day

7 December 2015
Detailed Scan @ KK Hospital
The whole scan took about more than 30 mins which covered my baby's organs, growth and basically the whole body measurement. Was told everything looks good and there's nothing to be worried about but of course it's still not 100% confirmation till the baby is out lah so I still have the bad habit of thinking too much at times since I'm back to being a housewife.

Detailed scans @ 22 weeks 6 days

Other than more detailed scans to check on the growth of the baby, I've also been trying to eat more nutritional foods other than the usual supplements. Had started on taking milk powder which I had to force myself to drink because I really hate the taste of it and it's also something I did not do when I had Clovine.

Really really hope our blessings will not stop coming in and all I'll ask for is this little one to be born a healthy happy baby like his sister. 

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