Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Second bundle of Joy!

Introducing Caleb Wong Zi Feng 黄子丰, 
our second bundle of joy whom arrived on the 31st March 2016 at 3.51pm via induced assisted normal delivery w/epidural. 

Well I didn't expect Caleb to be a splitting image of Clovine! The very same face when Clovine first came into this world! and I'm so in love with this face that I've been missing all along!
Shall share about my delivery next time!

Time flies and he's already 5 weeks+! 
Having taken care of my first born, Clovine, gave me more confidence and experience in handling my second born, Caleb. I'm treasuring more on the time spent with Caleb as I know how fast the little ones grow which I really miss from taking care of Clovine. Being a new mum to Clovine 6 years ago was really stressful for me due to all the changes and sacrifices I had to make which I didn't really enjoy that time and I'm guilty about it. 
So with Caleb, I've learnt to take things easy and not ponder over extra problems to stress myself out. I'm proud to say I've been so good at handling my second child, that I had no help from the second week! Well Hubby was supposed to help me till the 3rd week but he's work kept having unexpected problems popping up so he had to keep postponing his leave till I ended confinement -.-

With Caleb I'm also experiencing the success of breastfeeding which I never had with Clovine. I gave up breastfeeding Clovine after she turned a month old because she had confusion from the milk bottles the hospital gave and refused to latch on. So I had to pump out my milk which gave me cracked, bleeding nipples, extreme pain and stress which made me gave up.  

As this made me extra guilty, I swear I had to make it right with Caleb and not give up no matter what till his at least 6 months. So currently I've successfully breastfed Caleb by latching him on to his demands for more than 5 weeks every 2-3hours. Recently he's having his growth spurts which made him wants milk at 1 hour+ between feeds a few times throughout the day! So basically I'm a human cow which Hubby and Clovine has been calling me -.- 

I'm really grateful that my breastfeeding journey is going smoothly and despite the pain and cracked nipples in the first month I did not give up. Really hope I could continue breastfeeding smoothly till Caleb turns 6 months or even till he's 1. So well I guess I'll just let things go naturally and feed as long as I could. 
So far, taking care of Caleb has been a breeze without any crazy moments like with crybaby Clovine. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by typing it out 😆 

Finally I can have precious moments with my boyfriend while my hub can have his with his extremely sticky girlfriend without me getting jealous anymore! Wahahahaha.

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